We have tremendously grown year in year out and we continue to post excellent profits every financial year. This is made possible by our coordinated projects, great leadership and game changing innovations.


To this end the Quantum Group has a dedicated project team aggressively seeking out and developing new opportunities that exploit our core competencies.


Our skilled staffs have the expertise to quickly adapt the tasks at hand and make critical decisions based on the market place, available technology and likely future trends. They are thus able to determine the viability and potential success or otherwise of each project. Projects that pass our viability test are further developed to the point where they are certain to be profitable and thus attractive to investors so they can be funded.


We blend our business sense, strategy and insight to ensure each project we undertake achieves the set objective. Irrespective of the size of the project, we deploy the right strategy to ensure every project is completed successfully. Understanding the facts, risks and opportunities is only half the battle; we bring our creativity and innovation to bear in making our projects successful.


The Quantum Group is willing to partner with funding institutions such as Private Equity Funds, Venture Capital Funds and other alternative interested in investing in these key growth sectors in Africa. Some of the projects being developed include;

  1. Fertilizer Blending
  2. Production of Solar Modules
  3. Power Generation (20-40MW Power Plants for Mining Firms)
  4. LNG Supply Solutions


Early Power

We are co-developers and equity partners in the 400MW Early...

Gas Terminal

We are in the process of constructing a gas storage...

Liquids Terminal

The group, through its Quantum Oil Terminals subsidiary, is...