Our Philosophy

We Believe in Our People - It takes People to make it happen. Our people are therefore fundamental and key to all we do. We always strive to create the right environment for people who are curious, passionate and excited to explore new ideas so they can contribute to our ‘fresh thinking’ mantra.


Building Better Communities- Quantum is pushing the frontiers in all markets it competes in through a mix of innovative products, services and processes which are championed by talented and committed people. This is our approach to business and collaboration with our partners and customers.


A Journey of Discovery- We are relentless in our pursuit of discovery and innovation. In a changing the world, we are fast to change and adapt thereby creating products, providing services, and processes that are at the fore of our industries.


Committed to Social Responsibility- We measure our success not only in our business achievements, but also by how well we serve our community, protect our planet’s resources, and the difference we make in people's lives. We embrace our responsibility to contribute as a good citizen, taking the first step to foster a better society.


Our Vision

Investing and building partnerships in Key Growth sectors to support Africa’s growth


Our Mission

  • Identify and develop opportunities in our chosen business sectors, using our indepth expertise and experience on similar projects
  • Serve as a catalyst to mobilise financial resources from other investors into projects in Africa
  • Develop deep partnerships with key companies in Africa and other relevant stakeholders to ensure the building and sustainance of businesses in Africa


Our Values

  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Human Capital Development
  • Customer Satisfaction


The Group

The Quantum Group Ltd is a wholly-owned Ghanaian Company...

Our Story

Ours is a group that has grown from a single opportunity to...

Corporate Governance

The Quantum Group believes that sound corporate governance...