Our Story

Ours is a group that has grown from a single opportunity to meet a pressing customer need to interconnected businesses meeting the needs of customers across a variety of industries. The Quantum Group was birthed in the year 2000. What started as a passion and desire by our founder to partake in the key growth sectors in Africa first materialized in 2009 when at the height of fuel supply challenges in Ghana, the Government of Ghana decided to open up for independent companies to be involved in the trading of fuel in Ghana.


Taking advantage of this opportunity, that same year, Sage, the first company within the group was started. Sage Petroleum became a key trader in petroleum products in Ghana helping to curb the hitherto fuel shortages the country was experiencing. Shortly after its establishment it became very clear the key to success in this industry was to have some level of involvement at the Oil Marketing Company (OMC) level so as to be able to reach and engage with the end users of the product. This strategy was also a means of guarantying that the products imported into the country by Sage will be moved through the OMC’s to the end consumer.


With this thought came Cardinal Petroleum, a petroleum investment arm of the Group. Cardinal Petroleum invested in six different OMC’s at a time when most of these OMC’s were plunged in debts, with no bulk distributors willing to supply these OMC’s products to sell at their outlets. Though risky, challenging and against every expert advice, the Group took a plunge through Cardinal Petroleum in these OMC’s (Glory Oil, Havilah Oil, Sky Petroleum & Universal Oil) in addition to founding its own OMC – Petrobay and helped turn these OMC’s around into viable businesses in their own right whilst also securing a captive market for Sage.


To remain even more competitive at the consumer end of the spectrum, The Group created the Power Fuels brand (Power Super & Power Diesel) in 2012, which is an additivated fuel brand offering even more benefits for our customers. Power fuels are sold through the Cardinal OMC outlets further ensuring our customers remained satisfied and loyal.


With the proliferation of Bulk Distributing Companies in Ghana also came legislation and policy change to regulate the activities of BDC’s. One of the key changes was the requirement of all BDC’s to have a minimum storage capacity of 40,000 MT. This regulatory change led to a strategic decision of the Group to form Quantum Terminals Limited as the Storage and Infrastructure arm of the group in 2012 so as to ensure the continued survival of the business.


Quantum Terminals therefore set about to build and operate a 55,000 MT storage and terminal facility for the Group. Just about the same time the Ghana Government had given out the contract for the construction of the Ghana Gas Facility to generate Gas to fuel some of the Power Plants in the country. With the country facing intermittent load shedding over the period, all focus and attention was on the supply of Gas for the Power plants and not on the LPG by-product that will be created within the process. QTL saw this as a great opportunity to develop an LPG storage and terminal facility so as to offtake the LPG by-product from the facility once it became operational. With no contracts, no agreements and no guarantees that the LPG will be fit for purpose, QTL took the risk put up a 750MT storage and terminal facility at Atuabo near the Ghana Gas facility ensuring that our facility was ready in time for the launch of operational activities and the Ghana Gas facility. Today QTL is the major offtaker of LPG from the Ghana Gas facility after securing an agreement with Ghana Gas.


The Group has also ventured into Power Generation. Our first foray into this industry was as a fuel solutions provider as part of the Early Power consortium which is developing a 400MW LPG powered plant in Ghana. With these baby steps and the experience and expertise gained, Andaris Energy was birthed in 2016 to look into and execute the Groups interests in Power Generation.


True to the initial goal and passion of our founder, The Quantum Group continues to take up opportunities to participate in the key Growth sectors in Africa. This has been and continues to be the overarching goal of the Group.


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