Power Generation

  • Through Andaris Energy, the group is now actively pursuing Power Generation opportunities in various countries.  Our knowledge of the local situation, fuel supply capabilities and extensive partnerships built places the group in a unique position to exploit the many opportunities in the power generation sector in Africa.


    Conventional Energy

    Projects currently being developed or co-developed by the Group include the following:

    • 750MW Ghana 1000 project in Ghana
    • Advanced discussions with a mining company in Ghana to build a plant that will generate 20-40MW of power
    • Early stage opportunities in Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia and Angola
  • Renewable Energy

    As part of the Group’s renewables energy portfolio, the Group is working on a project to build solar modules in Ghana. We are investing in technology, partnerships and also gathering market insights to enable us provide reliable renewable energy products that can power a sustainable future.


    Our target is to ensure cost improvements while ensuring the highest quality and reliability. The modules will be produced in partnership with a major producer of Solar Cells. These modules will be sold in Ghana and also exported to countries throughout Africa


    Key projects under development here include the following:

    • 5 MW Solar project with some educational institutions in Ghana
    • 20 MW grid connected Hybrid power plant in Ghana
    • Early stage opportunity for a 80MW Hydro project in Ghana
  • Fuel Supply to Power Plants

    The Quantum Group, through Sage, has the knowledge, experience and necessary strategic relationships to provide total fuel supply solutions for power plants. With a history of delivering quality products we are well positioned to be a supplier of choice for Power Plants.


    In this vein, Sage has Partnered and is Co-Sponsoring, together with GE and Endeavor, the Early Power Project. The project, nicknamed ‘Bridge Power’, is creating the largest LPG fueled power plant in the world.


    Sage is responsible for developing the fuel supply solution for the Bridge Power Project and is also in various fuel supply discussions with other Power Generation partners