Trading And Distribution

  • Trading

    Quantum has a long standing expertise in Physical trading of petroleum products into West Africa. Since 2009, the Group, through its subsidiary, Sage, has been trading into Ghana. Aspen, another Group sundiary has been responsible for the re-export of petroleum products imported into Ghana into Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger and other African Countries.


    The Sage Trading Group, responsible for the trading business of the group, has transformed itself into a regional trading entity. It recently relocated its head office to Dubai, with subsidiary operations in Ghana to cater for the West and Central African market and Kenya to cater for the East African market.


    From our Dubai base, the products we trade in are sourced from Refineries and Processing plants in Asia, Europe other Global traders. Then from our regional hubs, we have agreements with an array of Power Generators and Distribution outlets to ensure that all our business areas have diverse supply streams.


    Sage has also broadened its product offerings to include;

    • Power Trading
    • Petrochemicals Trading (with a focus on Fertilizers and Polymers)
    • Bunkering

    Sage currently employs over 50 people and has a turnover of over USD300 million.


    In recognition for our focus on quality, Sage has won several international quality awards including;

    • European Society for Quality Research (ESQR)’s Quality Achievements Awards 2012
    • International Star for Quality Awards: Gold Award 2012
    • International Star for Quality Awards: Platinum Award 2011

    For more information on the Sage Trading group, please visit

  • Petroleum Products Re-Exports

    Petroleum Products Re-Exports are carried out by Aspen Petroleum which is a licensed Petroleum Re-Exporter subsidiary of the Quantum Group.

    Aspen Currently re-exports petroleum products from Ghana into Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger. Aspen has a contract with to supply 2,000mt of LPG a month into Burkina Faso.

  • Distribution

    The Groups involvement in Petroleum Products Marketing & Logistics, is through Cardinal Petroleum, a wholly owned subsidiary. Cardinal Petroleum invests, operates and manages Oil Marketing Companies (OMC’s).


    Cardinal Petroleum currently controls 6 OMC’s in Ghana, which has combined network strength of over 180 service stations and a further 15 more new service stations at various stages of construction.



    Cardinal markets the ‘POWER fuel brand, created by the group to ensure the availability of improved fuels for higher engine performance of our customers. Some of the basic benefits Power fuels offers to our customers include the following:

    • Maintenance and restoration engine power
    • Reduction in fuel filter blocking
    • Increased fuel economy
    • Prevention of fuel foaming
    • Enhanced corrosion protection
    • Decreased emissions and
    • Improved vehicle drivability


    Cardinal Petroleum also represents and markets ENOC lubricants of the United Arab Emirates. These lubricants are sold across all the six (6) OMC’s service station networks.  


    In addition to this, Cardinal also has over 30 trucks that transport petroleum products from the various depots to Service Stations across the Country.


    Cardinal and its subsidiaries currently employ over 2,400 people and has a consolidated turnover of over USD200m