• Cocoa Processing

    Gemstar has the mandate of processing Cocoa and other Agro products within the Quantum Group. Gemstar is setting up a chocolate processing facility to produce and package semi-finished and finished cocoa products from Ghanaian fine grade one quality cocoa beans.


    The vision is to see Gemstar cocoa products marked out for quality and keenly sought after by our clients. This will be achieved through our continuous innovation, investment in technology and consistent training of staff as well as customer engagement.

    • Our finished product line will include
      • Chocolate bar line [ Dark chocolate (fruits & nuts)| Milk chocolate (fruits & nuts) ]
      • Chocolate Biscuit line (chocolate coated)
      • Chocolate spread
    • Our semi-finished product line will include
      • Gemstar Cocoa Liquor|Gemstar Cocoa Cake
      • Gemstar Cocoa Butter|Gemstar Cocoa Powder


    In addition to the processing of cocoa beans Gemstar has also acquired lands for Cocoa cultivation and also is also embarking on outgrower schemes to secure supply of cocoa beans

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  • Fertilizer Blending

    The Quantum Group has initiated processes for the development of multi-complex fertilizer blending facility. This facility will use the compact granulation technology and will blend Urea, Phosphate and Potash in various quantities based on particular soil requirements.


    The goal is boost the Agricultural sector by supplying farmers with customized fertilizer options based on their various soil types to ensure that farmers get a better yield for their produce.  


    This facility will have the capacity to blend 30 tonnes of fertilizer every hour and as such produce up to 240,000 tonnes of inorganic fertilizer every year. In addition to supplying fertilizer to the market, will also be in the position to offer tolling services

    The total estimated cost of the project is USD 7m