Technology And Communication

  • Applications Development

    The Group’s internal IT team (network professionals, systems analysts and programmers) together with its subsidiary, Aya Poland provides all ICT requirements for all the subsidiary companies within the group. 


    Key among these includes the following:

    • A wide areas network that connects all the offices of the various companies to our datacenter
    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation, customization and support
    • An Advanced Analytic and Reporting system that allows real time report generation
    • A real time trading and risk management platform
    • A budgeting and performance management system
  • Payment Platform

    Through Aya Technologies, the group provides a revenue management and payments collections service for government agencies and corporate entities.


    Key platforms developed include the following:

    • The Ghana E-Payment Portal (GEPP), under the e-Ghana Project, a World Bank sponsored project under the Ministry of Communications for MDA and MMDA collections, including taxes.
    • Aya’s platform is also being used for prepaid voucher distribution, as well as postpaid payment collections
    • Aya’s market-changing product, PAYALL, is the processor for cash and cheque transactions of the GEPP and institutions in diverse sectors such as telecommunications, airlines, utilities, education, entertainment, etc


    Additional modules is currently under development will enable Aya Technologies enter the local and international money transfer market


    Detailed information on Aya Technologies can be obtained at